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3 Ways to Keep Your Employees Hydrated

Updated on December 02, 2019


Keeping your employees hydrated can help keep them happy, healthy, and productive. Since employees spend much of their day in a work environment, it benefits your business to find ways to encourage hydration.

Not only can dehydration cause headaches, short-term memory loss, and slower reaction times, it also effects behavior. People feel less irritable when properly hydrated, and that makes for a more pleasant and productive workplace. Hydrated employees also tend to have better cognitive skills and mental performance.

What you can do to encourage hydration in your workplace

  • Make sure that water is easily accessible. Employees should have easy access to a water cooler or a hydration station.
  • Offer interesting drinking containers. Give each employee a free water bottle with your company logo. Encourage employees to create their own personalized mugs or glasses.
  • Stay hydrated with fruits. ¬≠In addition to being healthy snacks, fruits supply a significant amount of our daily water intake. Have a supply of apples, pears, or oranges on hand for your employees to enjoy. Also, adding lemon, lime, cucumber, strawberries or mint adds some interest for folks who find plain water boring.

It’s amazing that something as basic as water can have such a large effect on the work environment. Keeping your employees hydrated will not only improve the quality of their work, but will also have a positive effect on their lives outside of work.

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