How Much Does a Small Business Health Insurance Broker Cost?

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How Much Does a Small Business Health Insurance Broker Cost?

Updated on December 09, 2019


Using eHealth as a small business health insurance broker does not cost any extra money, since eHealth does not charge any broker fees. Shopping for small business health insurance quotes through eHealth’s online marketplace is free, and you can benefit from speaking with our licensed health insurance agents with no extra cost to you.

Why use a small business health insurance broker?

The services of a broker can help small business owners better understand their small business health insurance options. Beyond being able to access free group health plan quotes, using a small business health insurance broker like eHealth provides a greater variety of choices for affordable health coverage.

One of the advantages of using the services of a broker, rather than going directly to an insurance company, is that the broker can offer more plans while also allowing you to compare options from many different insurance companies. As a small business owner, you could benefit from a better selection of health plans, enabling you to find the best group health coverage solution for your employees.

Another benefit of working with a small business health insurance broker such as eHealth is being able to use the services of a licensed health insurance agent at no cost to you. In addition to the convenience of free, no obligation health quotes, you can be sure that a broker’s licensed agents have no incentive to favor one insurance company or plan over the other, allowing them to better serve your needs.

What is the average cost of small business health insurance?

Although there is no additional cost to use eHealth as a broker, you may still be wondering about the average cost of small business health insurance. According to a 2018 eHealth report, the average cost of small business health insurance was $409 for premiums per person and $3,140 for deductibles per person in 2018.

Small business owners may be interested in knowing that in 2018, the average premium per-person under a small business plan was 7 percent lower than the average premium for an individual plan, while the average individual deductible for group plans was 31 percent lower than the average deductible for individual coverage, according to the eHealth report.

Since all health plan prices are set by law, brokers must follow government regulations and thus cannot raise or reduce the prices of group health plans. A small business health insurance broker can help you find affordable health insurance coverage for yourself and your employees and may even be able to inform you of health plan options you may not have previously been aware of.

Using eHealth as your small business health insurance broker

When you use eHealth to shop for small business health insurance, you benefit from an excellent selection of quality health plans, dedicated customer service, and long-term advocacy.

  • Affordable, accessible choices – eHealth’s online marketplace has over 10,000 plans from over 180 companies. The group health insurance plans we offer are priced the same everywhere else, and we make it easy to find and compare your coverage options all in one place.
  • Expert, unbiased advice – As a small business health insurance broker that can offer plans from multiple health insurance companies, eHealth is able to offer unbiased advice. Our licensed health insurance agents are committed to helping you find the best option for your business.
  • Advocacy and support – After enrolling in a group health insurance plan, we serve as your point of communication with the insurance company. We can help answer your questions about coverage and billing for the entire time you are enrolled in the group health plan.

Ultimately, the value of working with eHealth as your health insurance broker is that our licensed agents can help simplify and streamline the research, shopping, and application process, empowering you to select the optimal health plan for the budget and coverage preferences of your business.

Learn more about using eHealth as your broker for group health insurance by visiting or consulting one of our licensed health insurance agents today.

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