Student Health Insurance

How to Avoid Getting Sick During College

Updated on December 06, 2019


Even though you may be covered with adequate student health insurance during your time in college, you do not want to fall sick and miss important classes and events.

However, it may be easy to get sick when college dorms are about sharing. You share a bedroom, a common bathroom, a kitchen, and recreational areas in the building. It’s no surprise that when one person gets a cold or the flu, everyone else seems to come down with it too. When so many people share the same space, illnesses can be spread easily. Here are a few tips to help you avoid getting sick in college.

  • Get a flu shot — You probably won’t have to travel further than you university health center and you can prevent the worst of winter’s colds. You don’t want to be stuck in your room and sick for several days.
  • Avoid areas where everyone seems to get sick — If everyone at the library or the computer lab has a handful of tissues, try to avoid going to those areas.
  • Regularly disinfect all surfaces — Don’t just clean your room, disinfect it. That may help kill any lingering germs that can get you sick later.
  • Rest and de-stress — Letting yourself get worn down from too many last-minute reports cam take a toll on your health and may make you more prone to illness. Sleeping in a few days a week might boost your immune system and re-energize your body.

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