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How to Deal with Stress While in College

Updated on December 06, 2019


It’s so easy to feel overly stressed-out in college. There are many times during the semester when reports, exams, and presentations all seem to coincide in the same week — or even the same day. Schedules can get so packed that some students wonder if they will even have time to eat and sleep.

Do you think you are overextending yourself between your personal life and your life at school or work? Here are some warning signs that you may be too stressed:

  • Changes in sleep patterns or waking up without feeling well rested.
  • Frequent headaches or recurring colds.
  • Feeling overly disorganized or having difficulty completing simple tasks.
  • Increased frustration and anger lasting for long periods of time.

If the list above describes how you’ve felt recently, seek some assistance at your campus counseling center.

There are ways to positively manage stress that are based around maintaining the balance between your intellectual, social, and personal development.

  • Exercise. This may release some stored-up energy you might have from sitting at the library for an evening. Go to the gym, jog around campus, or play Frisbee with friends. Physical activity can be a great way to forget about your stress and feel good about doing something beneficial for your body.
  • Write down your goals. List your long term (this year) and short term (this week) goals. This may help you gain perspective — even if life is particularly busy now, it won’t be busy forever.
  • Work on time management. You may be less stressed if you get better at managing your time. Set a schedule for yourself that balances school and social time and stick to it.
  • Laugh. Watching a funny TV show or movie could make you forget all about what is causing you to stress out. Let yourself relax and then go back to your work with a refreshed outlook.

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