Affordable Care Act

Buying Health Insurance under Obamacare

Published on October 08, 2014


If you’re uninsured or buy your own health insurance, the Affordable Care Act (ACA or “Obamacare”) gives you multiple ways of buying health insurance that meets the minimum health-care coverage standards required by the law.

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Enrollment through licensed private channels

Under the ACA, consumers can buy health insurance from licensed agents, online or off, or directly from insurance companies. Private enrollment channels are typically staffed with licensed health insurance agents.

Enrollment through government exchanges

Obamacare also allows consumers to buy certain kinds of health insurance through government run “exchanges” or marketplaces. Some states have created their own exchanges, while others use the federal government’s exchange. Exchanges are typically staffed with “navigators,” who will help guide you through the exchange and ease your experience buying health insurance.

Obamacare subsidies

If you find the cost of health insurance to be difficult to pay for, be aware that you may qualify for premium tax credits (also known as Obamacare subsidies). In most states, eHealth can help you take advantage of Obamacare subsidies, if you qualify.
Health insurance exchanges
To help find the right health plan for you, enter your zip code where requested on this page to see a quote.

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