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Affordable Quotes for Small Business Health Insurance

Published on December 18, 2019


Wondering where to find affordable quotes for small business health insurance? A large part of shopping for health insurance is comparing the different plans that are out there. eHealth, an online marketplace for small business health insurance, allows you to compare free quotes on affordable health insurance for groups from different carriers in your area.

Where can you find affordable quotes for small business health insurance?

You can use eHealth to get affordable quotes for group health plans. We make it easy to get quotes for your business: just visit our small business health insurance page and enter in the zip code and number of employees for your business. You will then be able to instantly access affordable quotes for small business health insurance plans available in your area. Since we do not charge broker fees, all of our small business health insurance quotes are free and provided to you with no obligation.

You can also get personalized and affordable quotes by calling one of our licensed health insurance agents at eHealth. They can give you knowledgeable advice to help you find the right health plan for your budget and coverage preferences. Our agents can answer your questions, provide unbiased recommendations, and lend their expertise as you review your options for affordable quotes.

Why use eHealth to help you get affordable quotes?

The main advantages of using eHealth to get quotes are that you receive valuable access to the widest selection of health plans, the best available prices, and world-class customer service.

  • eHealth is a private health exchange. We serve as a broker for group health insurance plans, as well as other insurance options, such as individual, family, short-term, dental, and vision plans.
  • As one of the largest online marketplaces, we have more than 1,300 small business health insurance plans from over 70 carriers. Our wide selection means that you may find more health coverage options available to you than through a public or government-run exchange.
  • With eHealth, you can compare affordable quotes from multiple health insurance companies, all in one place. We offer quality plans from leading major insurance carriers, and our quotes help you see what group health insurance options are available within your business location.

Since health insurance rates are regulated and filed by your state Department of Insurance, you should pay the same amount for your monthly health insurance premium regardless of where you buy your group policy, whether that is eHealth, an agent, or the insurance company. When you get quotes and purchase your small business health insurance plan through eHealth, you benefit from the advantages of convenience, expertise, and the best price on affordable quotes for group health insurance plans.

In addition to giving you the resources and tools you need to research and compare group health plans, we also provide you with long-term support through our licensed agents. Beyond helping you get quotes and enroll in effective plans, our agents will serve as your advocate and point of communication with the health insurance company. This means that we can assist you with claims, billing, and other questions for the entire time you and your employees are enrolled in the plan.

What to do after finding affordable quotes

If you want to move forward after finding the right affordable quote for your business, we will help you through every step of our streamlined application and enrollment process. With eHealth, you can apply for group health insurance in as little as 15 minutes. Here is an overview of how to enroll in a plan:

  • First, compare our affordable quotes to find the optimal group plan for your small business.
  • Then, begin your online application process with the proper legal and tax documentation for your business, as well as your employee information.
  • Submit your application. Once it has been reviewed and approved, your small business health coverage should start on the day your group requested.

If you want to learn more about our easy application process, check out our small business preparation checklist, which was specially created just for small business owners.

We look forward to helping you find the best plan for your business. To get affordable quotes for small business health insurance today, go to or talk with our friendly licensed insurance agents.

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