Setting Up Your New Small Business Health Insurance Plan

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Setting Up Your New Small Business Health Insurance Plan

Published on May 29, 2019


If you have made the decision to offer health insurance as a small business owner, then congratulations! This is a big moment for your company, and you and your employees may soon have the benefit of expanded access to essential health care and medical services.
However, you may still have questions about actually setting up your new small business health insurance plan. The good news is that you don’t really have to set it up, because eHealth makes it easy to implement your new group health plan.
Whether you are just starting out with small business health insurance, or making the switch to a more effective group plan, eHealth’s brokers simplify the complex setup and onboarding process in a streamlined and efficient way.
Continue reading to learn how eHealth can help you conveniently set up your new small business health insurance plan.

eHealth’s brokers are with you every step of the way

eHealth’s registered brokers help guide you through the entire process of setting up your group health plan. From the beginning, our licensed health insurance agents apply their professional knowledge and expertise to answering all of your questions.
One of the advantages of using eHealth is that our brokers give unbiased advice. They can enable you to choose from the best selection of health plans available on the market from multiple insurance companies, allowing you to find the right policy for your business.

After choosing coverage that works for your company, the first step in setting up your new small business health insurance plan is submitting your application, which should only take about 15 minutes.
To get started, just type in the following information:

  • Your business type
  • The location of your business
  • Who you want to offer coverage to
  • Your employees’ ages, number of dependents, and email addresses

eHealth needs this information in order to present you with accurate rates for group health coverage.
Your employees will then have the option to enroll in or decline health insurance coverage through a quick online and mobile-friendly application that eHealth will email to them.

As a business owner, consider how much you want your company to contribute to paying for monthly employee premiums. In most states, an employer must contribute 50 percent to employee premiums.
You’ll then be asked to verify your business type by providing the business tax forms last filed; these can be uploaded in the application.
After you have provided all necessary information and documents, you will review final rates, provide your payment, and e-sign.

To better serve your needs, you will have a small business account manager reach out to you to help your business finish the final steps for enrolling in your group health coverage.
Your account manager will provide tailored support as he or she assists with choosing a start date for your health insurance plan and follows up with you in case there are any additional requirements from the health insurance company.

Can eHealth answer my questions after enrolling in a group plan?

Once your small business is approved, you will receive official documentation from the health insurance company, which confirms when your group medical coverage will begin. After that start date and the completion of your enrollment, you and your employees can begin to use your plan’s health care benefits. eHealth will continue to support your business after enrolling in a group plan. For instance, our agents can help you to quickly add and remove employees to your new health insurance policy.
We also serve as your advocate, even after you are done shopping and have bought your small business health insurance plan. By serving as the middle man between you and the health insurance company, we can assist you with resolving issues related to medical claims, all at no additional cost to you.
Due to your health insurance agent’s relationship with the insurance company, he or she can clarify your benefits and provide guidance related to helping clear up billing disputes. This free support from eHealth’s agents may reduce headaches when you need to deal with the insurance company, freeing up the resources you need to focus on what matters most for your small business.

eHealth makes it easy to shop for small business health insurance

We respect your time. When you work with eHealth, you can rest assured you will receive an excellent selection of options while benefiting from world-class customer service.
Visit eHealth today to quickly and easily find free group health insurance quotes. You can also speak directly with eHealth’s licensed agents to discover how your company can enroll in a plan optimized for you and your employees.
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