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Affordable Health Insurance in Florida

Updated on December 07, 2019


According to eHealth data, the average national price of an individual health insurance premium in 2017 was $393 with a $4,328 deductible. This price is almost triple what the average premium cost ten years ago in 2008.

The rising prices in the individual market may have some feeling that affordable health insurance in Florida is unattainable. Luckily for you, affordable health insurance is still possible.

Short term health insurance plans are one option for affordable health insurance in Florida

According to a 2018 eHealth survey, average individual short term health insurance premiums in Florida are $115 a month, with a $4,945 deductible. For family plans, these numbers are $285 and $9,371.

With monthly premiums that cost about a third of what major medical plans on the individual market cost, this alternative to more traditional health insurance is a great way to find affordable health insurance in Florida. Some individuals may just need the most basic coverage in case of an emergency, such as a serious injury or illness. If you fall into this category of coverage need, then a short term plan may be a great way to get affordable health insurance in Florida.

eHealth’s 2018 report on short term health insurance shed light upon some key insights about short term plans:

  • 50% of customers who purchased a short term plan said they would not have coverage without the option of short term health insurance.
  • Despite the 90-day coverage limit on short term health insurance plans, the demand for these plans increased 10% between 2016 and 2017.
  • When eHealth pooled together applications for major medical and short term plans, 57% of the applications were for short term health insurance.

If you believe that short term coverage is your answer to affordable health insurance in Florida, read our article on short term health insurance in Florida to understand how this coverage works. Although short term health insurance does not cover all the benefits of major medical plans, it does provide quick, useful coverage that makes sense for some individuals.

Other affordable alternatives to major medical coverage from the individual market

There are plenty of affordable health insurance products available for individuals to purchase. Although they might not cover as many health-care needs as more expensive major medical plans, they are affordable and allow those with limited budgets to have coverage in case of emergencies.

Not only is it important to get some type of affordable health insurance in Florida for health reasons, but having some type of health insurance plan can also protect you accruing large medical bills in the case of hospitalization, or unexpected medical issues.

Some health insurance alternatives that could serve as affordable health insurance in Florida include:

  • Short term health insurance
  • Catastrophic coverage
  • Packaged medical insurance
  • Medical cost sharing

Traditional, affordable health insurance in Florida

Always keep in mind that you can also use eHealth as a resource for shopping for individual health insurance plans. If you want coverage that offers the ten essential health benefits  you can search for affordable plans in your area using eHealth’s tools.

Remember when looking at prices on individual plans, the premiums and deductibles may be higher than short term plans, but it’s often because they offer a lot more benefits. Use eHealth to compare plan prices and benefits to find the right balance of affordability and coverage for yourself.

eHealth seeks to provide affordable health insurance options for all different price points, so whether short term health insurance is in your budget, or a major medical plan with extensive benefits—we can show you your options.

Each plan has its own terms and limitations, so be sure to check the official plan documents to understand how that specific plan works.  This article is only for general education.

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