6 Tips for How to Find Affordable Health Insurance

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6 Tips for How to Find Affordable Health Insurance

Published on June 19, 2018


When shopping for a brand new car, would you go to one dealership without doing any research before, test drive the first car the dealer shows you, and end up buying that car? Probably not.
With health insurance, you should be looking at the shopping process similarly. If you want affordable health insurance, that still offers the health benefits you‘re looking for, there might be more work involved than just clicking a button.

6 useful tips for finding affordable health insurance

1. Do your research.
According to a study done by Policy Genius, only 40% of Americans say they are very confident that they can choose the right health insurance plan. That’s less than half—and that’s not even the people who really did find a health insurance plan that suits them well—it’s the people who think they can find a health insurance plan that suits them well.
So don’t be part of this statistic, do your research, and don’t leave picking a good plan up to chance. You can visit our Health Insurance Resource Center, where you’ll find a host of helpful information.
2. Know the basics of health insurance
According to this study, only 4% of Americans were capable of defining four of the basic health insurance terms. Be among the minority, and know your stuff when it comes to health insurance. Knowing the difference between co-payments and coinsurance will be valuable while shopping for plans, and also when figuring out costs once you’ve started using your health insurance plan for medical care.
3. Shop in several different places
This tip can be accomplished easily by using eHealth. Instead of having to go onto government websites, into local broker offices, or skip from one health insurance provider’s website to another, you can shop around on eHealth. We have a huge variety of plan types from all different kinds of health insurance companies, and we filter them for you, so you’re only looking at what’s in your area and applicable to you.
4. Don’t stick to just one company
Although you may have heard of a really popular health insurance company, it doesn’t mean that you should only look at individual plans being offered by them. You may be surprised by what other companies have to offer. Looking at plan specifics and quotes on costs will help you get a better sense of the plan than what company’s name is stamped on it.
5. Check to see if you qualify for subsidies
Understanding who qualifies for subsidies can be sort of confusing, but eHealth has a lot of resources meant to make things easier. You’re allowed to purchase an ACA-compliant (Obamacare) plan with us, and we will help you through the subsidy qualifying process. Although the final say on how much applicant qualify for, eHealth can provide estimates, and you won’t even have to leave our website in order to get the final subsidies—we’ll be your middle man! Watch our video to get a quick overview on how Obamacare subsidies work:

6. Look at health insurance alternatives
This is somewhat of a bonus tip. Follow this advice if you’ve done everything you can to find a plan that is both within your price range and contains the health benefits you need. If individual plans are too expensive, offer too much, or offer too little—don’t give up and think you have nowhere to go. Read up on low-cost health insurance alternatives, like short term health insurance, and see if these options have anything to offer you.
Each plan has its own terms and limitations, so be sure to check the official plan documents to understand how that specific plan works.  This article is only for general education

Get to shopping for your affordable health insurance plan

With the streamlined process of shopping and enrolling on eHealth, finding health insurance options that work for you should be no problem at all.
You can visit ehealthinsurance.com to begin with free quotes and access to more information, or you can take these tips and shop wherever you want—just don’t forgot the key term of health insurance and to always check plan details and compare prices!

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